Sunday, August 26, 2012

Austere Avvaiyar - Part 8

After quite a long break from blogging, I am continuing with yet another post of Avvaiyar's works. By now we have got the image of how Avvaiyar became a respectable icon in Tamil literature. Many of her verses bring out the universal truths which are undeniable though they seem to appear expressed in a simple tone. The following songs bring about those universal truths

Many people think big about a lot of things and but some are not affected by those things are immaterial. The following song explains that. 

போந்த வுதாரனுக்கு பொன்துரும்பு  சூரனுக்கு
சேர்ந்த மரணம் சிறுதுரும்பு  - ஆய்ந்த 
அறவோர்க்கு நாரி யருந்துரும்பாம் இல்லத் 
துறவோர்க்கு வேந்தன் துரும்பு

Pondha Vudharaanukku Ponn Thurumbu Sooranukku
Saerndha Maranam Siru Thurumbu, Aaindha
Aravorkku Naari Arunthurumbaam Illa
Thuravorkku Vendhan Thurumbaam

meaning, "Gold is immaterial for the man who has a generous mind. For a brave warrior, death is immaterial. For those who have realised knowledge, pleasure of a woman is immaterial. For those who have renounced everything, even the king becomes immaterial.

The following song explains about the fact that many things in life can have exceptions, but a few don't

மாடில்லான் வாழ்வு மதியில்லான் வாணிபம் 
நாடில்லான் செங்கோல் நடாத்துவது கூடும் 
குருவில்லா வித்தை குணமில்லா பெண்டு 
விருந்தில்லான் வீடு வீழல் 

Maadillaan Vaazhvu Madhiyillaan Vaanibam
Naadillaan Sengol Nadaathuvadhu Koodum
Guruvilla Viththai Gunamilla Pendu
Virundhillaan Veedu Veezhal

meaning, "Life for a man without wealth is possible. Business can be done by who is not smart enough. One can rule a country that is not good. But learning without a guru, women without good heart and mind, the man without hospitality will fall"

The following song is a great management truth, quite useful for administration at different levels and public relations too. It is a hint about when to praise and appreciate people

நேசனைகா ணாவிடத்தில் நெஞ்சார வேதுதித்தல் 
ஆசானை எவ்விடத்தும் அப்படியே வாச 
மனையாளை பஞ்சணையில் மைந்தர்தமை நெஞ்சில் 
வினையாளை வேலை முடிவில் 

Nesanai Kaanaavidathil Nenjaravae Thudhithall
Aasaanai Evvidathum Appadiyae Vaasa
Manayaalai Panjanaiyil Maindharthamai Nenjil
Vinaiyaalai Velai Mudivil

meaning, "Praise a friend when he is not at that place. Praise the teacher who taught you, at any place. Praise the wife when alone in the bed. Appreciate the employee after the job is done"

The next song is about the real value of education

எழுதரிது முன்னம் எழுதிய பின்னர் 
பழுதறவா சிப்பரிது  பண்பாய்  முழுதுமதை 
கற்பதரிது நற்பயனை காண்பதரிது கண்டக்கால் 
நிற்பதரிது தானந் நிலை

Ezhudharidhu Munnam Ezhudhiya Pinnar
Pazhudhara Vaasiparidhu Panbai Muzhudhumadhai
Karpadharidhu Narpayanai Kaanbadharidhu Kandakkal
Nirpadharidhu Thaan Annilai

meaning, "Ability to write is rare. After writing something, reading it without mistakes is even rare. Even rare is the effort to learn it fully. Even if fully learnt, rare is to find a person who stands by it"

These days there is a big fight about which language takes prominence, the regional language or the most widely accepted language. The same situation happened when Avvaiyar was in the place called Kurugoor (Alwar Thirunagari) where people where fighting if Sanskrit is to be used to chant and praise the God or Tamil. For which Avvaiyar gave a great explanation that praising the God using one's mothertongue is better of all

ஐம்பொருளும் நாற்பொருளும் முப்பொருளும் பெரிதமைந்த
செம்பொருளை எம்மரைக்கும் சேட்பொருளை தன்குருகூர்ச்
சேய்மொழிய அதென்பர்  சிலரியான் இவ்வுலகில் 
தாய்மொழிய தென்பேன் தகைந்து 

Aimporulum Naarporulum Mupporulum Peridhamaindha
Semporulai Emmaraikkum Saetporulai Thannkurukoor
Seimozhi Adhenbar Silariyaan Ivvulagil
Thaaimozhiya Dhenbaen Thagaindhu

meaning, "The Supreme Being exists as the five elements of nature, four kinds of wealth, and as three kinds of realisations. Some say that the Supreme being needs to be worshipped only in Sanskrit but I would strongly say that the mothertongue is the best way worship the Supreme Being"

The final song in this post, explains about the different kinds of wealth each kingdoms of the South India region were famous for.

வேழம் உடைத்து மழைநாடு மேதக்க 
சோழ வளநாடு சோறுடைத்து பூழியர்கோன் 
தென்னாடு முத்துடைத்து தெண்ணீர் வயற் றொண்டை  
நன்னாடு சான்றோர் உடைத்து 

Vezham Udaithu Mazhainaadu Methakka
Chozha Valanaadu Sorudaithu Poozhiyarkon
Thennaadu Muthudaithu Thenneer Vayal Thondai
Nannadu Saandror Udaithu

meaning, "The Chera Kingdom was rich in Elephants. The Great Chola Kingdom was rich in food. The Pandya Kingodm was rich in pearl and the Thondai Region was rich in Noble people"

Avvaiyar(s) proved that inculcating moral values will stand even the test of time. Avvaiyar's works have really proved that and have been educating a lot of people in moral values and universal truths. In the next post, we will see one of the landmark literary work of Avvaiyar that has been passed on for generations and recited even today in many homes.

More to come, until then...